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Blueprint for a Successful and Impact-Driven HR Project

Blueprint for a Successful and Impact-Driven HR Project

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High retention and fair compensation in start-ups - how does this come together? We will hear from two experts about how it does work!

Our speakers Stella & Carmen had a global look at challenges to tackle at their company: Inclusive hiring, clear processes, closing the salary gap, using less hiring budget, and keeping talent by creating career growth. Instead of trying to solve this one by one they sat together and mapped out how these topics go together.

Learn from them about their journey from planning to buy-ins to execution. If someone lives ‘Sharing is Caring’ then it’s them!

Presented as part of Building a Bridge: A webinar series designed to provide strategic insights to make the right moves in recruiting and hiring tech talent. Join us each month to take a closer look at the board.

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Your Speakers

Stella - BW
Stella Bailleux, Technical Recruiter and D&I Partner

Stella is currently responsible for the talent acquisition strategy and D&I policy. She has worked in HR for the past 5 years and is also an UX Designer.

She is dedicated to improving the recruiting process to make it more inclusive and empower all talents to apply regardless of their gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, or disability. The P&C team works hard every day to offer a safer space to everyone.

Her main focus is to increase the number of women (cis & trans) and non-binary top talents in the tech department in senior positions by offering them a clear career development plan created in partnership with the manager and P&C department.

_Carmen Castillo Lopez - BW
Carmen Castillo Lopez, Head of People and Culture

Carmen is an expert in wearing a few hats at the same time. Originally from Spain, Carmen is a mother and Head of People and Culture in Berlin.

She has spent more than eight years in different areas within People and Culture positions in international and remote setups. Carmen has a strong hands-on mentality in talent acquisition strategy and execution. She played a key role in the scaling-up phase of three big unicorns and top-tier startup companies in Germany and Europe.

Hosted by

Fabienne - BW
Fabienne Schlangen, Head of Partnerships @ Caissa Recruitment

Fabienne is Caissa’s head of partnerships and brand ambassador. Her passions are DEI, future of work and making meaningful connections.